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Welcome to the web site of the Indiana Dancers Association (IDA). Our purpose is to promote, sponsor, and provide for the cultural development and maintenance of high standards of square and round dancing. We assist in the formation of square and round dance clubs, cooperate with callers, cuers, civic and community organizations sponsoring square and round dance activities. We work to further friendly relations among our members and member clubs and encourage square and round dancing as a wholesome social recreation.

This web site is intended to provide the visitor with information about square dance clubs, callers and cuers, when and where dances are held, and contact information. The navigation bar at your left will help you find whatever you're looking for.



IDA News "News"

For the last several years, the "printed" copy of the IDA News has been loosing money, as subscribership has dropped consistently.  The next issue (Jan/Feb) has only 90 subscribers. For that reason, and on advise from the IDA News governing board, IDA has voted to suspend the 'printed' issue of the IDA news. We encourage members to use the web site for dance information, but for those that want a printed schedule of dances, we will be placing a PDF file on this page that contains dance information for that month. For those without a computer or smart phone, we encourage a club member to help print the information for them. If you have any questions, please call or Email me at, or 765 215-7545.

Below is the link for April and May 

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June PDF

July PDF


From the Presidents:                


Correction to President’s message!


Wow!  What can I say about the New Dancers Roundup?  Carolyn and I just came home from this year’s event.  We had many new dancers, lots of “veteran” dancers, many callers and cuers, old friends, new friends all in attendance.  We want to thank all the many folks who worked to put on this event.  There are so many who helped that I can’t begin to name them all.  I would inevitably leave someone out, so I will just thanks to all of you!

We are now into spring at long last!  Temperatures are rising, grass is growing, flowers are blooming and square dancing is in full swing.  We have many events on the schedule.  The Mini-marathon is coming on May 6; National Convention in Cincinnati in June; Indiana State Convention in November and many, many other special events in between.  Don’t miss a chance to get out and “strut your stuff”.  Please take part in the many exhibitions that will done in the coming months.  These help us attract new dancers for next year!

State Museum dance will occur on September 9.  It will be sponsored by State IDA.  Parking will be validated up to $5.00

As I always say, remember that IDA is your organization!  It works best when we all get involved.  Please attend area and state meetings!  We need your time, ideas and energy!

IDA Presidents

John and Carolyn Cook


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